Monday, 15 July 2013

The Black Sheep Inn, Part 1

What a good weekend. It was a whirlwind of a weekend but still a good weekend. Mike and Meg came over Friday night so that we could get an early start the next morning off to Ottawa. We decided to rent a car for the trip just for the fun of it so we didn't really get started till around 10:30. That's alright though because the trip really only took about 6 hours. Dan and I got a GPS for Christmas and before March we really hadn't used it too much. There's little things here and there but this weekend we really found it helpful. We left without even looking at a map to see where Wakefield is. It turns out it's about 25 minutes past Ottawa into Quebec. The trip there really didn't seem to last too long. We had lots of time to chat and catch up on our lives for the last 6 months and where the next 6 months are heading. It was neat going through Ottawa and since Mike's been there a bit more than us he pointed out all the important buildings to us. I really don't have any live memories of driving through Quebec so once we got past Hull I was really impressed. You can see distinct differences right away. Besides the street signs there were plenty of things that made it seem like we just entered a different country. The houses looked different and even the landscape looked different. When we got into Wakefield I'm sure someone actually said "is this it?!" It's realy just a small hamlet although I'm sure there are more houses tucked into the hills. The town is right on the edge of a wide turn in the Gateneau river so on one side of the road is a beautiful view of the river and on the other side is a row of cafes/shops/pubs and then behind them are houses going up into the hills. It's really beautiful. I could very easily live there but the other 3 said they would prefer to visit often but couldn't quite live there. It seems very isolated and quiet (even though it's so close to Ottawa).
We drove up to the B&B and were brought to our rooms. The house seemed like an older house but was comfortable enough. Before we had our bags down Meghan was just drooling over the home renovation ideas she would have for the place (have a look at the rooms and you'll see what I mean). It was a good place to stay the night at though.

I have so much more to say but, alas, I have to go to work so you're all going to have to wait for a part 2.

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