Thursday, 11 July 2013

Here it is... finally. An update! I do have to say, I have a bit of dutch stuborness in me so everytime someone complains about the lack of good reading material it makes me want to do this less and less.Right now I'm actually sitting in a lawnchair at my campsite waiting for my sausage to be cooked. Isn't that the life?! I love being able to go camping this often. It's also a great way to see Dan more often.The new job is going very well. I really like the work and it's a great company to work for. I'm almost done my contract but there's a possibility that I'll get a permanent position soon (cross your fingers). There is a ton to learn, tons of paperwork and some really heavy stories... But it feels so good to be doing something that I like and am good at. It is really fulfilling. On top of that, the company has been supporting every single innitiative and idea I bring up. They sent me to a 3 day paid conference, they are paying me to sit on 2 different commitiees, I asked them to pay me for 2 hrs. a week to do commitee work, and I asked them to sponser a garden plot for the addictions/mental health clients so that we could run a horticulture therapy program. And they said yes to everything! I don't know where all these ideas and energy is coming from but I love it! Maybe it's the 7 years of dead time selling beer. It's just a lot of pent up energy.Unfortunately, my home life is suffering from all of this. I hardly have anything for a garden, I'm embarassed about how little I clean the house (and it shows), I never get to cook and bake anymore and our diets are crap! I don't remember the last time I ate a vegetable or fruit. I'm just not used to this kind of schedule! It's a terrible thing to complain about since this is what most people have to juggle. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually. I have to make some sacrifices and get a house cleaner or something. I have to learn to make the quick healthy meals and forget about the fun, inspiring long meals that I used to make.So that's it for now. By the way, I typed this whole thing out on my blackberry. Pretty good, eh? I guess it was worth it!

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