Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Loose ends

Oh man... today is one of those days that I'm finally facing a bunch of dreaded chores that I've been putting off for WAY too long. I think I'm finally getting at them because I've been stuck in this house for so long without much to do. Of course, I could be cleaning the bathroom or wiping down the cupboards and every other surface in this house that is covered in dust (at least the floor is vacuumed!). I have been working and out of the house but not much. There aren't that many hours available at this time of year, plus I don't have a second vehicle to get to work so I have to work around Dan's schedule. I've made 2 weeks worth of chili, dog treats, a terrible pasta salad and banana bread. The house is pretty clean (except for that dust and some clothes to put away) and the dog has had plenty of walks.... now what? So, I started finding a DJ for Cass's wedding and stag and doe. I'm looking into a long lost purchase of my mom's that she never received, I'm making arrangements for Bella's new home (Larissa's rabbit) and now... I guess there's nothing to do but my old chores that I don't want to do. Here's confession time: Dan and I still have stuff at our old place back in the country. Luckily we know the people there so we can go and claim our stuff but eventually they are just going to get rid of it themselves. We have an old car sitting in their driveway (what a waste!) and a spare tire for our Jetta in the garage. These are two things that we for sure should make sure we take care of. How does one go about getting rid of an old car? I know the tires are seized up and it's not worth fixing anymore. If I found someone with a trailer, and we somehow managed to get it on there, do we just drive to a wreckers and drop it off? I don't know!! I have NO experience here. I called the wreckers and they said I would get about $75 for it and they would pick it up.... would I get much more if I pulled in favours from friends and dropped it off ourselves? It's pretty humbling picking up the phone and calling the people that have lived with that car in their driveway for so long. I know they are nice people but I'm still quite embarrassed. And then, I made the dreaded call for a sit down with the bank. It's not really a bad meeting but we have to change our home branch now that we've moved out here. Really, it's not that bad but it's something that I've been putting off forever too. The only consolation that I have after all this is that I'm hoping it feels so good to get it all done. Next, I need to repair our only working car and get rid of the crunched up truck in OUR driveway (by the way, is that the right word? driveway?).

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