Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Is a picture worth a thousand words?

I hope so because I really haven't had the time to sit by a computer on my time off to write a post.... even though I've got about 4-5 of them all planned in my head. I just don't feel like sitting behind a computer for some reason!

I've been taking Chloe for a walk through the fields in the morning. I throw on the old barn coat, step into the barn boots and head into the muddy fields where other mean dog owners won't bug me. I've since discovered my new favourite smell. A corner of the field was burnt down one morning and within a week the new grass started coming up. mmmmm. Just the smell of the burnt field was wonderful but mixed with the smell of new grass and dew... you just can't beat it.

Here's my new tomatoes growing under Opa's grow lights that he gave me. Sarah sent me some heirloom tomatoes. My heart has been craving some gardeing but I really haven't been putting in too much of an effort. I don't know why. Maybe it's the fact that I don't even have a garden patch yet, I don't know. So really, all I've got is 4 brocolli plants about 10-15 young tomato plants. I started them late but, oh well. It's still fun to watch them growing. Their on their 3rd pair of leaves right now.
I really don't like this picture of me but it's to replace the thousand words I should have been writing to update you all on the new job. I was wondering if I should be writing anything about the job at all online just to keep some anonymity. To keep it simple, the job is as an addictions counsellor. I like this line of work, I really like the job, I'm not enjoying being a rookie. The office is probably the best office I could want to work for. It's relaxed and comfortable but I'm still new at this job and I still need to ask a lot of questions... something I'm getting used to doing.

And last of all.... we were out visiting today so I got a chance to hang out with Jaela.... I love that kid!

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