Tuesday, 9 July 2013

hey all...
another week over.... almost. Dan's coming home tonight finally. Last week when he came back he was saying that he can't wait to get to work and now he's saying he's glad he's got a bit of a break just to let everything settle in. Everytime I talk to him he's either coming or going to some sort of study thing... he's a new man!
Larissa had her baby this week which was soo much fun for me. Actually, I don't know if fun is the word but I love being able to be totally comfortable around and baby and not worried about getting the stink eye from the mother for not holding the kid just "right". James had to go back to work on Thursday so I was even asked to go pick Larissa and Jaela up from the hospital. What a priveledge, eh? We weren't really sure we got the car seat in right but everyone made it home okay so it all worked out. Now I look at pictures of Grace and I can't wait till Jaela gets that old. I looooovvveed those pics of Grace with mom and dad. She looks like she's got such a personality. It makes me want to come over and hang out with her more.
Cass, James said he would do your brakes for you some Saturday if you want but I think they'll be a little forgetful about it and busy for the next little while. James' uncle found gramma Smith on the floor of her home yesterday.... she had a stroke. I don't know how she's doing at all but I'm guessing that life is going to be a bit difficult with Jaela and gramma now.
I'm going to have a super busy weekend now and it looks like it's going to be stinkin hot too. I woke up super late this morning (10:00.... 11 hours sleep.. mmmm) and slowly walked upstairs and could hardly make it. It's nice and cool here in the basement but upstairs it was 26! Freaking hot! and this weekend is only going to get worse. And I don't have a thing planted. All that rain and heat isn't doing anything for my garden.
So I bought a ticket to Winnipeg. $79! not bad eh? I was going to drive there with Opa, James, and Caleb and then drive back with John, Tena and Caleb but you can't beat $79. At least I know for sure now that I'm going. I leave the last thurs. of June and come back the beginning of next week. Then..... SARAH AND PETER COME!! I'm so excited about that. I have to make sure that I ask off the weekend right away.
Anyway, I hope you all have a good weekend. I doubt I'll get any phone calls in but I miss you girls! We'll talk soon.
Love nicole
.... wierd.... I just about put an "h" in nicole

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