Monday, 29 April 2013

I thought that my cupboards and fridge were too empty to make anything good. And then... Maybe I should put off going grocery shopping so that I can come up with some more good creations. This is chickpeas, garlic, lots of curry powder and paste, badly grown tomatoes (thanks to my poor gardening skills this summer) all on top of the last of my rice.
(worth coming out of my blogging hibernation)

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The sun is shining!!

Busy busy busy.... but fun. Sarah R is in town for the week and I've been spending a lot of time with her and Hannelle. It's like old times right away. Luckly I'm still working the retail job this week so I had a few days and mornings off for us to go out... or just stay in and have tea together. I only ended up buying one piece of clothing (a really nice coat/sweater so I don't have to where my giant dog walking coat everywhere) so I'm still a bit nervous about what I'm going to wear to work for the next couple of weeks. But I'm sure that will fall into place too. I've got 2 more days working the retail job and they are bound to be BUSY since it's the easter weekend. Why do people think that's a good weekend to drink? I don't get it. Still, Friday and Sunday are off so both days I will be spending with family!
So I hope you all have a good long weekend, wherever you are. I know I will be.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Good bye Mozz

sniff sniff... we've already made Larissa cry telling the story. Yesterday Dan and I bagged up Mozzerella in a feed bag and brought her to her new home. A neighbor of a friend of Larissa's has a little funny farm (similar but larger than ours was) and he offered to adopt Mozz for as long as we want. ... or forever... we'll see. Dan sat in the back seat holding Mozz and once in a while I would see Dan and Mozz's head perfectly in the rear-view mirror as I looked back. Other times she had her head laying on Dan's lap. It was really bizarre. She didn't really fight either. She didn't like going in the bag but once in there she was completely quiet and observant. When we got to the farm we let her out of the bag and she followed us as we walked over to the pen. She wasn't scared or aggressive to the other goats (3 pygmies and 1 boer) and even had a few good head buts (which, apparently, is playing to goats) right away. But when we slipped out of the pen she was right away at the gate bawling her head off like the first day she was dropped off at our place. I'll admit that I was the one that was so insistant on bringing her away right that minute even though we have a few more weeks but the ride home and the next couple of hours were quiet and snippy. I tried to get a peak at her today as we drove by but I couldn't see her.
It was so much fun having a goat. What an interesting topic of conversation when people came over. The comments were almost as fun as the time when our family had rabbit that humped our chicken (Mr. Hagels and Flossy). I know that we will forever be saying things like "hey, remember that time when we had a goat?". And who knows, maybe we'll get her back one day. I'm guessing by that time we'll opt out though.
Here's a book for the W's that I heard of. As I was listening to the conversation on the CBC (The Current, part 2), I thought of you guys right away. I'm gonna get it one day and bring it to a family get together.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Warning: Language

Sorry about the bad language on this post but I just had this picture sent to me and have been laughing about it for the last 10 minutes. This has got to be the funniest fwd. I've ever gotten (and for some reason I thought U. Bert would like this one).


Tuesday, 16 April 2013


My apologies about the last two posts. I really wasn't in a writing mood for the past two but I felt like I had to get them up before I had something else to say. The result: a boring discombobulated story.
The show we went to was for Roxanne Potvin. You can hear her on CBC Concerst on Demand.

One memory the trip did trigger was of going to Ottawa on a family vacation. Mom and Dad dropped us off at the parliment buildings with a mission to go and find our MP. At the time and in my memory it sounds completely normal but telling the story it sounds like the funniest wackiest thing for a family to do. How OLD were we? And why in the world did you guys need to drop us off somewhere? I have such .... odd (but GREAT) childhood memories like that. Funny....

Monday, 15 April 2013

OK, here's some promised pictures

Here it is!!! The bathroom.... only happy comments please... cuz I LOVE it!

Here's my tomatoes. Yah, I know they're small still but that's okay. I got them from Opa. I guess they are heirloom tomatoes but I don't know what kind. It'll be interesting to see what they grow into.
Look at my sad brocolli. I don't know why that one plant is so much worse than the others. I like the sage in front though.
Here's a pic of mom enjoying the summer. This is what she's always saying she wants to do: sit on the deck and read. The petunias in front are from the magic planter. Mom never plants anything in it yet every year there is this gorgeous full display of petunias.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Monopoly update

Last night I got home from a long day and Caleb was right there to pin me for another game of Monopoly... of course now I'm hooked so I had to say yes. That kid is ruthless. He's trying to take everything I've got! And then he laughs! of course he did give me some grace and super good deals a few times but I think that was just to keep the game going. Either way we had to quit at 11:00 since we all needed to go to bed. We tucked the game away though so that we could finish it today... sigh.
I did get dinner delivered to me though. Mom came up and saw that I was stuck already and made me some pork and beans with hot dogs and apple sauce on the side. Isn't that awesome? It's speaking now, though. Good thing I've got the house to myself. :)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


I just love love love love this baby!!!
I can't get over it. Makes me want to wake her up a squeeze her. But I won't since this is a pretty good nap.

Monday, 8 April 2013

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Sunday, 7 April 2013

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Away we go

Has anyone seen the movie "Away we go"? Maybe I've been away from movie ads lately but I had never heard of it till last week when Dan and I watched it and I fell in love with the sound track. So, while you are reading this, first click on the youtube link to listen to the first song at the same time. (if it doesn't work, look for "All of my days" by Alexi Murdoch). It makes me think of finding a real home and having a family and people around us who are important to us.
Dan and are I packing up our tiny house and moving... hopefully for the last time in a loooong time. We've got a place just down the road from Larissa and James and really close to the in-laws (which truely is a good thing). Dan is doing almost all of the work. He's been purging things that I don't want to look at and moving heavy things that I pretend aren't there. He's vaccuuming and cleaning up after everything too. At this moment he's going through his closet and getting rid of clothes that he wants to donate. How awesome is that?!! That's about a once every 5 years job. The spring weather is getting into my bones and I'm getting the itch to put my hands into some rich soil. I remember last year my aunt Jo Ann had a delivery of soil and when I was visiting she asked me in a giddy way if I wanted to put my hands in the bag... she totally understood the job of just sinking your hands in. It reminds me of harvesting my potatoes back at our last place. I didn't even need a shovel. I could just sink my hands in and find them.
I'm also dreaming of chickens. I don't know what it is about that animal that makes my heart big. I just LOVE seeing a group of them pecking and scratching at the ground. I love how they look, move, taste and especially the eggs. So my FIL and I are building a chicken coop. Well, we have the plans and I think he's got the wood. I'm not really doing anything except providing the excitment. I love chickens and will go there everyday if I have to to take care of them.
And I'm knitting. I'm knitting!!! And I love it! I can't stop. Actually, this past week I stopped because I was sooooo stuck (mom and dad are on the road again) but I finally got over the problems and have started again. Now Dan is finally giving me the nudge to say... ok.... time to start working again. So I guess it's time to get up, start moving and Away we go....

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Saturday morning

It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting here drinking my second coffee and baileys (yes, even though I'm going to work later today) and trying to figure out which of the 3-4 things that I love doing I should do in the next 2 hours: Bake me some treats, bake the dog some treats, plant the very over-due tulip bulbs I was going to plant a few months ago, read some research for my next job or go grocery shopping. Instead I'm blogging. Oh well. Sounds like a good morning, eh? I went for a walk with the dog this morning so my house feels dark and dreary after being out in the beautiful strong sunlight. The curtains are open but they just aren't letting in enough light. It's too cool and windy to have the windows open yet. Its the kind of day that I would love to have a sunroom for. That way I could feel like I'm outside but skip the wind-blowing-into-my-eardrums part. Tomorrow I'll take the reading and research to mom and dad's and enjoy their sunroom. It's going to be a short trip but I'm very much looking forward to it.
I've got my last shift at the old job today... hopefully. I could be back in a couple of months but it sure feels good knowing that I won't be there for a while. My uniform is dirty and I'll have had a few shots of baileys before I get there but I don't care. It's going to be a good day!
The oven is preheated so I'm going to get started on those treats... and maybe plant up the plants while they are cooking.
Enjoy your Saturday!!!