Saturday, 20 July 2013

I need to unpack my poop calendar

Yikes!! I should not have packed that thing away. We moved here in May (right?). Since then I'm sure I've missed at least 6 occasions when I should have sent a card, made a call, or at least written an email. I missed my best friends birthday (although that was before the move) and we haven't talked since (oops), I missed my sisters 29th birthday (and haven't brought it up or even appologized), I didn't miss Frank and Alisha's (phew... I was there, right?), I missed my own parents 30th anniversary (!!!!), and today is my Opa's birthday. Not that I remembered on my own... mom called and told me this morning. The thing is, I haven't even really forgotten all these events. I thought about Amy's birthday about 10 times that day. I just forget to make the call or write the email. Today, I'm going to write an email to my Gramps and call, just in case. And I'm sorry about all those other missed calls. These are things that could be important to some people.... And I'm not just saying this all because my birthday is on Tuesday (nice drop there, eh?).

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