Tuesday, 16 April 2013


My apologies about the last two posts. I really wasn't in a writing mood for the past two but I felt like I had to get them up before I had something else to say. The result: a boring discombobulated story.
The show we went to was for Roxanne Potvin. You can hear her on CBC Concerst on Demand.

One memory the trip did trigger was of going to Ottawa on a family vacation. Mom and Dad dropped us off at the parliment buildings with a mission to go and find our MP. At the time and in my memory it sounds completely normal but telling the story it sounds like the funniest wackiest thing for a family to do. How OLD were we? And why in the world did you guys need to drop us off somewhere? I have such .... odd (but GREAT) childhood memories like that. Funny....

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