Monday, 22 April 2013

Good bye Mozz

sniff sniff... we've already made Larissa cry telling the story. Yesterday Dan and I bagged up Mozzerella in a feed bag and brought her to her new home. A neighbor of a friend of Larissa's has a little funny farm (similar but larger than ours was) and he offered to adopt Mozz for as long as we want. ... or forever... we'll see. Dan sat in the back seat holding Mozz and once in a while I would see Dan and Mozz's head perfectly in the rear-view mirror as I looked back. Other times she had her head laying on Dan's lap. It was really bizarre. She didn't really fight either. She didn't like going in the bag but once in there she was completely quiet and observant. When we got to the farm we let her out of the bag and she followed us as we walked over to the pen. She wasn't scared or aggressive to the other goats (3 pygmies and 1 boer) and even had a few good head buts (which, apparently, is playing to goats) right away. But when we slipped out of the pen she was right away at the gate bawling her head off like the first day she was dropped off at our place. I'll admit that I was the one that was so insistant on bringing her away right that minute even though we have a few more weeks but the ride home and the next couple of hours were quiet and snippy. I tried to get a peak at her today as we drove by but I couldn't see her.
It was so much fun having a goat. What an interesting topic of conversation when people came over. The comments were almost as fun as the time when our family had rabbit that humped our chicken (Mr. Hagels and Flossy). I know that we will forever be saying things like "hey, remember that time when we had a goat?". And who knows, maybe we'll get her back one day. I'm guessing by that time we'll opt out though.
Here's a book for the W's that I heard of. As I was listening to the conversation on the CBC (The Current, part 2), I thought of you guys right away. I'm gonna get it one day and bring it to a family get together.

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