Thursday, 4 April 2013

Away we go

Has anyone seen the movie "Away we go"? Maybe I've been away from movie ads lately but I had never heard of it till last week when Dan and I watched it and I fell in love with the sound track. So, while you are reading this, first click on the youtube link to listen to the first song at the same time. (if it doesn't work, look for "All of my days" by Alexi Murdoch). It makes me think of finding a real home and having a family and people around us who are important to us.
Dan and are I packing up our tiny house and moving... hopefully for the last time in a loooong time. We've got a place just down the road from Larissa and James and really close to the in-laws (which truely is a good thing). Dan is doing almost all of the work. He's been purging things that I don't want to look at and moving heavy things that I pretend aren't there. He's vaccuuming and cleaning up after everything too. At this moment he's going through his closet and getting rid of clothes that he wants to donate. How awesome is that?!! That's about a once every 5 years job. The spring weather is getting into my bones and I'm getting the itch to put my hands into some rich soil. I remember last year my aunt Jo Ann had a delivery of soil and when I was visiting she asked me in a giddy way if I wanted to put my hands in the bag... she totally understood the job of just sinking your hands in. It reminds me of harvesting my potatoes back at our last place. I didn't even need a shovel. I could just sink my hands in and find them.
I'm also dreaming of chickens. I don't know what it is about that animal that makes my heart big. I just LOVE seeing a group of them pecking and scratching at the ground. I love how they look, move, taste and especially the eggs. So my FIL and I are building a chicken coop. Well, we have the plans and I think he's got the wood. I'm not really doing anything except providing the excitment. I love chickens and will go there everyday if I have to to take care of them.
And I'm knitting. I'm knitting!!! And I love it! I can't stop. Actually, this past week I stopped because I was sooooo stuck (mom and dad are on the road again) but I finally got over the problems and have started again. Now Dan is finally giving me the nudge to say... ok.... time to start working again. So I guess it's time to get up, start moving and Away we go....

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