Thursday, 8 August 2013

Today I need some horticulture therapy

I was late for my meeting this morning. I was going to a departmental planning meeting that I would be sitting in on. I didn't know exactly where the meeting was and I was a bit late. It's been so warm here and I know that winter is far from behind us but still.... I was getting too comfortable. I was coming around a huge bend in the road and even though I wasn't going TOO fast, I hit the middle of the road where some snow had collected and I lost control of the car. I zig zagged back and forth enough to slow the car down a touch but not enough to stop me from going into the ditch. I've never been in an accident before (and have been pretty proud of that). I knew I was going to end up in the ditch but I probably have watched too much TV to be realisitc about it. I thought there was going to be broken windows, blood and lots of bent metal. I was soooo lucky. The ditch was probably about 8 feet deep strait down and I slid down it sideways (I think, my eyes were closed) and the only damage I can see right now is one tire completely off the rim and the other tire is low so it's probably off too. I broke a small corner of the front bumper towing it out of the ditch but I can't see any more damage. This is probably way too soon to say though. I could have bent rims and even have some problems under the car yet. But there was no loud noises, no blood and it all seemed quite soft. Its funny, the first thing I noticed was that the radio was running like normal and so was the engine. I almost felt like I could drive right out of the ditch if it wasn't so steep... until I saw the tire. Going down into the ditch I was thinking.... my seat belt IS on but man! i really don't want to hurt myself.
I'm fine though.... I'm home and waiting for Dan to come home tonight to see if we can fix those tires yet. And now.... I just wish I could do something. Dad says that I should get downstairs, set out some pots and start planting some leek and some herbs. I've got the lights set up so.... why not? I can even going into town and see if there's any seeds that I don't have that I want to start. Some horticulture therapy.... that's what I need.
Thanks again to Dad and Cass who hooked me up with CAA and got me home safely (and cheaply). Thank you!


And now it's all said and done with.... $15. Only one tire needed to be put back on the rim and filled up. All done. Well, that was a little bit of drama for very little. I guess all I did was just slide into the ditch backwards. Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers.

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