Sunday, 25 August 2013

Relief is soo addicting

Maybe that's why I get myself all worked up about schedules and multi-tasking. I just finished a 50+ hour work week and I still get Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. Phew. It feels sooo good to get it done yet there's still this and that and sooo much more to do... or so I thought!! Dan and I are going to Ottawa area with Mike and Meg this weekend. The dog has to be brought to mom and dads, a B.Y.O. bed needs to be picked up, the house is a disaster (!!), bills have to be paid and the list goes on. Plus, I realized I still have to arrange my schedule for next week. I was so worked up about scheduling this week around my life that I forgot to ask off next weekend for another camp. I rarely double book myself (thanks to my handy day timer) and I was super stressed out when I realized that I do have to work both jobs at the same time next week.
At 7:00 tonight, I finished work, went to my other job and very easily switched some shifts around to make sure that I could work both jobs (overlapping a little bit and hoping for some leniency with start times). I drove home getting ready to do a crazy fast clean up job so that if M&M have to sleep on the floor they won't wake up with dog hair in their mouth. Oh, it was soooo beautiful. Dan had, once again (second time this week) cleaned the entire house. The kitchen floor was washed, the living room vaccuumed twice, the bathroom cleaned and even our bed was made!! Sigh. I have such a good husband. The relief I feel from all of that feels like such a high. Now I can go on vacation this weekend, enjoy myself and get ready for another 50+ hour week next week.

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