Thursday, 22 August 2013

An old sandbox is the best place for a garden. Especially when the surrounding soil is hard clay. The sandbox here was full of wild strawberries, a wild raspberry and lots of weeds. I felt terrible taking out the strawberries so I left about a foot on two sides so we can eat lots still. Mom and I picked up the ol' rototiller and I cleaned it up. No more pricklies, no more weeds and a lot less strawberries. I need to take a rake to it now to get rid of a lot of the tilled up weeds and I should till it up a few more times but I'm starting to see how a garden would look there. There used to be a canopy over the sandbox but the tarp is gone now. A frame is around the garden now though so I think I should string up some ropes here and there for growing beens. Or maybe I could tie up some tomatoes there. The space isn't really huge and I don't think gardening in a row would be the best use of that space so I think I'm going to quarter it. I'll have a walk way going through the centre of the garden from both directions and then I should be able to reach into the middle of each section for weeding and harvesting. I have to remember that this garden isn't for production, so much, as for enjoyment. A few good tomatoes and a meal of ? peppers ? beans ? is all I should expect. I want to dig up a small area at the back too for a couple plants of zuccini and pumpkins. They can grow as much as they want back there. Maybe we'll get a zucchini bread out of it too.
I hope there'll be some pictures to follow!

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