Monday, 11 March 2013

Where to start....

I don't know where to start. I haven't posted in while and I have so many good post ideas! I've thought of a good list of books that I have read more than once and a list (a long one) of things that customers have given me (mostly food stuff). I could write about how I got pulled over again.... and how I got let off again....

But Dan wanted me to post a picture of our latest and most exciting news:

Earlier this week we had a heated discussion about how long it's been since he crunched up the last truck and how I DON'T WANT TO CARPOOL ANY MORE! And so, I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Three days later and we have a second vehicle. I don't know if the timing is bad, or if it'll turn out to be a lemon. We need to get it saftied and e-tested but its already in our driveway and it looks GREAT. Dan drove it home (about 45 mins.) away and he said it felt good. The guy who sold it to us was selling it because it was his dad's who had died late last year. The inside looks great and so far, I already like it better than the last truck. It's a 96 Ford Ranger and so it's already 2 years newer than the last one. The tires are great. Breaks feel good. We'll see what needs to be done for the rest. I feel so relieved and happy but still.... I feel like I should hold my breath for just a little bit longer.
Oh, and we got the price dropped.... considerably.

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