Saturday, 2 March 2013

A week later

Yikes! Here I am a week later after saying that I'd be posting everyday. Ya right. One step at a time. I remember when I had internet access all the time I started narrating my life in my head as if preparing for all the posts I would write about. I think that's too much. It feels like it has been a busy week but really, we haven't really done a lot. The week just goes a lot faster when there's more people in the house. There's something to do every night of the week and we're always upstairs socializing with the family. We're having family dinners almost every night of the week and Larissa, Caleb, Dan and I even went and visited with O&O once this week. I love the family dinners and the spontaneous visits in the kitchen that we're having. I haven't seen Brittany much yet this week but Larissa's been here a lot this week since James has been working nights and long hours. Tonight was mom's first baseball game of the season plus it was a double header night. It's probably been about 10-13 years since I've gone to see a baseball game. We used to go a lot when I was a kid but when Amy went off to university we stopped going... i think. I loved those summer evenings. There's a fun energy at baseball games. Tonight was cold but I know there'll be lots of nights that we'll be wishing it was a bit cooler. We had blankets and went for a coffee run in between games. Larissa kept score and I started to re-learn the baseball cheers and hollers. Mom's team has been undergoing a lot of changes which means that they need some practice. I think if they get in the right niche and play like they know they can win it they'll do awesome. Plus, the could use some fans too. There was about 5 of us there and we were all new fans this year. The more people, the more fun. Either way, they lost the first game but tied the second one... which they really could have won.
With baseball (cheering) once (or twice) a week and 3 different friends within 10 min. and camping for the weekends I think my weeks are going to fill up pretty fast this summer. Dan and I still don't have a lot of answers about our summer schedule and how it's going to work but things are really falling into place perfectly as if "it's meant to be" (i don't really believe in that saying). Soon enough we'll know more and we'll start to see how everything is going to work out. I'm not really worried though. I'm more excited to see what this summer is going to bring. This week has been a good one anyway.
To all moms: Happy Mothers day. My mom, Mom W, Oma W, Oma W, Oma Z, Oma D, Amy, Larissa even... happy mothers day! I love yas all!!

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