Friday, 29 March 2013

Moving on...

This weekend I'm going to a 2-day conference. I won't be able to use my Sunday as a day of rest and worship but since the conference is on Horticulture Therapy, it will probably bring both, anyways. I have known about the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association for a few years now but for some reason, I never went out and got my membership. About a month ago I saw that there is an annual conference that is going to be in Guelph this year. Finally, I sent in my registration and $$$. Yeah! One more step closer to my dreams. I'm hoping for lots of connections and collaberating. I hope to learn some new things and be inspired by other peoples lives and projects. I'm looking forward to it but it still feels a little surreal. I hope that I will finally get over another bump and keep moving forward.
Oh, and I reworked my resume, built a cover letter and applied for a new job closer to the area we both want to settle down it. I'm not counting on getting the job and if I do I'm not sure what I'll do since it's still quite a drive but it seems like a smart thing to do right now. Phew, another bump.

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