Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Things customers have given me...

Okay, it's time I write this list before my incredibly terrible memory lets it all slide through the cracks. For the first few years at work I would describe myself as quiet and unsure. A few years later and I am the person who has worked at this location the longest. I know the oldest stories, why that part of this wall is broken, a lot of part timers who have come and gone and, most of all, our regular customers. I'm almost cocky now. New employees are warned to stay on my good side (cuz I'm picky about part timers) and I'll take on the grumpiest of customers. Maybe boredom of the same ol job has promoted growth in these other areas that I wouldn't necessarily say I was strong at. Dan is always telling me that I have to be more assertive... I think I just use a different "mask" at work. Anyway, the point of that is that I know plenty of the customers and they know me. I probably talk WAAAY too much about my personal life but it's nice to be familiar. Most of the regulars know that I like gardening, farm life and my family. All of them knew when Gavin, Grace and Jaela were born. I've even shown a few of them pictures. But then again, I've been shown pictures of their kids and grandkids too. It does get a bit creepy when a customer who I don't really recognize comes in and asks me about something that I totally forgot that I told him about. I forget what I all say to people. On the other hand, it is soooooo nice to have people ask about how I'm doing, or my sisters, or my farm or my garden.... and then, sometimes, they come in with gifts! And the list is getting quite long. So here it is, things customers have given to me:

-Leek - this was one of my first gifts. He came in a few times with leek for me. I wasn't working but my co-workers knew it was for because it smelled strongly and had dirt on it. ??? (shortly after he started getting creepy so I stopped talking to him)
-A recipe for "Cassia bud pickles". I love this customer. We talk often about gardening and chickens since he has both. This recipe took 10 days to make so, even though I don't like them at all, I can't throw them out. I don't know what to do with these old jars of pickles. This same customer also made ...
-Home made fudge - he made it for halloween and gave it out to his friends. One of his friends who got a lot of it came in and gave some to us. I love this lady. She does detailing on cars and offered to give me a deal for our car. I've never gotten around to it.
-Amazing home made cookies - this customer started out as a real JERK. No one liked him. He finally retired from his business and then cooled down a bit. Now he's in business with his daughter who grows, harvests and mills her own wheats and grains for baked goods that she sells in Toronto markets. This guy jumped into her business and has his own bakery and mill set up close to our store. He comes in once in a while with packages of AMAZING cookies for us. I think he's hoping we'll come by and buy some but I haven't gotten the chance yet. I make sure that I always advertise for him when he comes by though.
-Chocolates and other goodies - from a small handful of customers at Christmas time... nice.... since we're all chocolate junkies.
-Croquets!!! That's right. A customer came in who had overheard us talking about droppies. He asked if I was the one who liked dutch food. We started talking about how he learned how to make croquets etc etc and had made some the night before. Ten minutes later and he brought in a package of 8 frozen ones. Isn't that awesome? I made them that week and brought them into the store so some co-workers could try them. We all loved them... they were very good. I'm impressed. Especially since he's not even dutch!
-An offer from a short Italian old man to paint our bathroom. Our store is so old and gross. There's so many problems with the building I don't know why they are putting any money into it at all. ... well, they don't put much money into it which is partly the problem, i guess. And the employee bathroom gets it the worst. I don't think it's been painted since the 80's. It's so gross. There's constantly cobwebs in all the corners. I tried to clean the walls a few years ago but they dried just as dirty. We were talking about this when the old Italian guy comes in. He had a look at it and said he would come by and paint it for us. This was last week and it hasn't been done yet so I don't know if it's going to happen but I'm almost glad it hasn't... i'm afraid he'll bill us for it after.
-Carpet - this one is really strange. A customer comes up and says "hey, I know you.... you have a golden retriever, right?" yup. Well, it turns out he's the flooring guy for this new subdivision. When we first moved in, when Chloe and I would go for walks, the construction guys would watch and laugh as I threw Chloe's ball down the road and she would take off after it. He remembered me from that. Well, I told him about THIS problem (grrr) and he said he would come by with some carpet next time he was in the area. I'm going to see if he can fix it in anyway.

I know there's more but I can't remember it. If I do, I'll add them to the comments. What a good list though, eh? It's not a very classy job, but it's not that bad either. It's got its up sides, that's for sure.

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