Friday, 28 December 2012

The next few weeks, months etc.

I'm mixed with lots of different feelings about the future right now. Really, I should just stick with not thinking about the future and have fun right now.
Dan and I are moving out next week. This should be an exciting thing but except for the part where we get to set up a brand new house and unpack all our things, I'm not really looking forward to it at all. I'll be living in a quiet clean new house with no one around when Dan is gone (which has been a lot this summer). I'll cook for myself and Dan (who appreciates it but isn't near as verbal about that as mom and dad are) and that's it. I'll have to walk the dog everyday, which is a good thing, but won't have the reassurance that Caleb is out playing with her everyday too. I'll really miss the company and humor of this place and just thinking about it is putting me down so I'm going to switch directions now.
I'll have my own computer set up with my favorites, I'll have neighbors, I'll have lots of time available to get on the phone with my long lost sisters and friends. I'll get into more of a routine and schedule with housework and cleaning. I'll have a new house to set up with my own things and own styles.
Two weeks later I'm going to B.C. This is the best thing coming up in my schedule. Sarah and Peter are getting married and my sisters and I are going out there for 2 weeks of straight celebrating... hilo style! The guys are coming a week after us (the day before the wedding) and we're all going to travel around for the next week touring the island and wherever else we want.
I'm hoping that Frank and Alisha will be coming out with Gavin soon so that will be something else in the schedule and before you know it, it'll be Christmas.
I'm looking forward to some changes at work. If the posting ever comes up I'm looking to jump on that job advancement and my second job is looking promising in terms of career development.
I'm going to a seminar on Sat. (the first of five) on Horticulture Therapy. This is a big step for me in developing myself academically that I have wanted to do for a while now so that's pretty exciting for me too.
I have my own car now. Dan bought a truck so there's none of the carpooling juggling that we had to do last winter.
So, except for this moving business, life seems pretty exciting for the next little while.

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