Monday, 31 December 2012


I just finished making my first pair of longies.
I'm using cloth diapers and have been tweaking my diapering system. We have the easy cute picket diapers and also prefolds. The pocket diapers are the easiest but leak more often. I bought some better inserts for them (since it turns out I was using far less absorbent doublers) and we will see how they turn out. The prefolds work the best but cause such a huuuge bum. Until I got these wool diaper covers on her. They not only are the Cadillac of cloth diapering, they also take away the need for pants on TOP of the diaper and are therefor more trim. I got an awesome pattern online (Katrina's Sew Quick Soaker) and easily made the soaker and the longies. Love them! Yes, they are a bit long but she's a long baby and this gives a bit of room for growth. Plus, if I find they are reaaallly too long I can always hem them again.

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