Tuesday, 25 December 2012

For a person who has internet access everyday I sure haven't been posting much... or so dad W. says. :) I figure I'm just having too much fun hanging out with everyone. I know my cooking has failed in this department too. It could also be that I was reading a book though. For those of you who are on facebook this book list will be a repeat but here it is: Jamie at home, The Glass Castle, and Water for Elephants. I just finished reading Water for Elephants. It was a good suck-you-in type book but isn't on my top 10 list. The Glass Castle is on my top 10 list though, so I bought it and the Jamie at Home cookbook with my $50 gift certificate that mom gave me. I love those dates!
I don't think I like facebook even though I'm spending more and more of my time there. It's a good connecting tool but it really isn't as good as reading peoples blogs. I don't really like snooping through peoples pages. It makes me feel sneaky.
Tonight we had BBQ'd sausages with a side of fried up bacon/onion/perogies. mmm mmm mmm Now is that the best meal you've ever thought of or what?! what... potatoes are vegetables, right? and the cheese and sour cream hit the dairy food category. I don't feel guilty at all. In fact, I might go have a pop or something. gurgle gurgle...
Here is an attempt at my top 10 books:
The Brothers K - David James Duncan
The River Why - David James Duncan (I haven't read his 3rd and last book yet)
The Glass Castle
How I spent my summer vacation - W. O. Mitchel
Watership Down
Fifth Business - Robertson Davies
The curious incident of a dog in the night time - Mark Haddon
Jane Eyre
Lullabies for little criminals

I know there's more here that I forget so remind me if you know there's one that I love.
And one more thing... I have to say that I hate having the links bring you to a chapters or amazon site... I don't want to advertise for them but I want you all to be able to read up on whatever book it is that I'm talking about. If there's a better site that shows and reviews books that I could advertise, let me now.

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