Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I don't really feel like posting much right now but I have to write a bit about where I am. Dan and I moved in with his parents yesterday. I was a really quick move even though our stuff(!!) was going to three different locations. I guess it really helps when you don't have any of your own appliances. We had enough people out to help us but at times I wasn't sure if we would have enough. Good friends and family are always around though. Most of our stuff went into James and Larissa's loft and the rest of it came here. I've already got a mental note started of all the stuff that I want to get from the loft (Sunday shoes, CDs) We'll have an interesting summer for sure. I think I'll enjoy having more people around all the time... more people to cook for... more people to talk with... and definately more internet. MIL (mom in law) already got me started on her favorite past time... Scrabulous. I hate it already. I love crossword puzzles and other puzzle type games but I suck at coming up with good words that make lots of points.
Pretty much, this short post is just to tell you that I'm here, living with the in-laws so now you all know how to get a hold of me. Expect more online and most of you should know my #.

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