Monday, 26 November 2012

I hate vacuum cleaners

That's not true... i like vacuum cleaners. I just like them when they work!!! Grr!! We've been living in a tiny apartment with a DOG for 10 days!!! WITHOUT A VACUUM! Can you understand how yuck it is getting around here?
We do own a vacuum cleaner but since at our old place we had central vac., we had lent it out after it had been sitting around for too long. I don't know if it is the 2 years of inactivity or the fact the bag wasn't changed properly or on time but now, it doesn't work. I spent an hour or so this morning walking all over town trying to find a store that sold vacuum bags. Not many do. And the ones that do, probably don't carry my brand of vacuum bags. I had to guess on the type of bag because, of course, the vacuum model and the bag model ISN'T the same thing, of course. I get home, it's the wrong bag. I try it anyway? It just about blows up the whole vacuum cleaner. I spend almost another hour trying to find my vacuum cleaner online so i figure out what bag # i DO need... and guess what?.... My vacuum cleaner doesn't exist! That's right. The model # engraved on my cleaner does not exist!! No kidding!
I'm so frustrated with my vacuum cleaner, the dog hair, the dog that is in heat and the washer/dryer problems that I haven't even started on, that I'm ready to go and just buy everything new.

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