Saturday, 10 November 2012

aakk, monopoly

Yesterday I probably spent 5 hours playing monopoly. Considering that it's monopoly and I actually played 2 games that's not too bad but it was bad enough to make me dream about it. What an awful experience! Have you ever played so much solitaire that when you close your eyes at night all you can see are different solitaire plays? Well, that's what happened with Monopoly. The first game I played against Caleb and James. I won, of course. :) But Dad couldn't stand seeing me win and insisted that we play again and I would get to see a real challenge. I didn't want to hurt his ego so I lost the second game for him. :) Mom didn't like the way we were playing (trading and loaning) so I think she just wants her chance to try to beat me. Even though this first night sleep was terrible after so many hours of Monopoly I think I'll challenge them all again (but maybe play in spurts) especially since I'll be a single woman for the rest of the week.
Dan is going to his training for his new job that he's got for the summer. He'll be working as a park warden all summer. I'm really looking forward to it since it means a lot of camping for the both of us and a job that will make him happy and excited to do. It will be a different schedule for us though. He'll be working evenings from 6-2 but only 5 days a week. That means I've got lots of day time with him. It really opens up my schedule at work though so we'll see how busy we both get this summer.
I haven't planted anything yet but I might get my hands in the dirt this week a bit. I want to plant at least a couple of herbs, some different tomatoes, zucchini, ... any suggestions? oh, peppers!
Living here has been very busy. I guess this is just life as normal but I'm not used to having so many people around. The days are just wizzing by. There's usually someone around for me to do something with. Lots of friends live close by and there's baseball games to watch at least twice a week.
Well, my husband is packing up and getting ready to leave so I'm going to hang out with him a bit before we're both too ferfalent (?) (I think this is a Wikk word meaning a mixture of anxious, bored, pesty and just plain not unhappy) to get any visiting in.

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