Saturday, 3 November 2012

Advent calendar

Does anyone have any good ideas for an advent calendar. I'd really like to have one but have been avoiding those plastic/cardboard Nestle cheapies that you can buy at the grocery store. I'd like to have something more real and something that I don't think Dan will pillage before Christmas actually gets here. I don't mind making something but I'm not a really crafty person. It has to be worth it to make too. I want something that I will probably wrap up to use next year and think fondly of... not one that I'd rather just toss. So far its either this one:

.... since it seems to be one that I could easily do and would probably appreciate...


... since it looks the nicest and I could probably get it done.

This might be too far out of my abilities but I like the look of this one and figure I would probably save it (whereas the paper would just end in the garbage)

I don't know. I'd love some suggestions though. If I want a traditional, special one that would be used every year I might as well just buy a fancy one.... but i hate buying stuff. Who knows.... i might be the beer case one after all.

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