Thursday, 13 June 2013

oh man, I did it again

If there's still a party happening, I can't seem to leave. This weekend has really been a good time for me. Yesterday we woke up late-ish and had another wonderful breakfast that couldn't be beat (frittata's with our own chickens eggs). We headed over to the park and spent the rest of the day there. I don't know where 13 hours goes when you're hanging around a festival but I doesn't seem to take long. One of the musicians, Rueben DeGroet, who is a friend of Sarah and Pete's came first thing in the morning and we all hung out all day. It rained pretty hard for a while but the rain couldn't shut the festival down. Oma and Gramps came out for a while. Opa took off on his scooter for a while just to check things out on his own. I love that scooter. I saw lots of old childhood friends walking through with their strollers and kids. I did listen to lots of music but I probably spent more time in the beer tent. There were plenty hearts being poured out in the beer tent. :) When then night closed down I had just started dancing so I really didn't want it to be over yet.... so it wasn't. I went to the first after-party party with Peter and Rueben. All the musicians had gathered at a local restaurant/pub for a few drinks. Rueben really wanted to jam but since it was all talk there and no music we took him home to my parents place. Neighbor Dan had a jam session in his gigantic garage so we walked over there with Rueben's guitar and danced the rest of the night away. Dan and his band are old rockers so Rueben jumped in with them but eventually started doing his own songs and leading the guys. It was a night of no pretentions and nothing to prove. The crappy singers sang into the mike and the just learning drummers had a go at a few songs.... and I got to dance as much as I wanted whether I was by myself or not. Peter (what a good brother-in-law) spun me around the dance floor more times than I can remember and tried to teach me how to move these awkward giraffe legs to move to the two-step. Even mom and dad didn't hit the sack till 4:30. Peter, Rueben and I jumped in the hot tub for a few minutes and watched as the sky slowly brightened to day. We were in bed by 5:30 and up again for breakfast at 10:30.
We spent today at the park again. I came home a bit early to start to get ready for the next party. All the leftover carcasses from the swine and wine are here. We picked them clean and are having a bunch of people over for salads and leftovers. I don't know how much of a laid back visit or a rowdy party it will be but either way I'll enjoy it. This food smells goooooodd. Time to go finish off my brocolli salad.

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