Friday, 21 June 2013


It's barely 7:00 and it's dark already. I'm barefoot and my feet have been cold all day. The sky has been dark and gloomy all day and the weather has been cold and ominous. Fall has begun. And so, I've got a pan of cream of brocolli soup on, Randy Bachman on the radio, and a few fun recipe ideas spread out on the kitchen counter. I hope cream soups can freeze because I know that Dan won't eat it and I'm not sure if I can eat 2L of soup before it goes bad. I'm sure I could eat it but I end up getting bored of a food really fast and it just goes bad.

I have got to say, as much as I DISlike Randy Bachman (I'm only listening to him cuz he's on the CBC and I do like the music), I REALLLLLY dislike the chick that comes on the show with him. Man, does she drive me nuts!!! Holy Cow!! The two of them deserve eachother... the most annoying people ever!

The soup turned out great. Next on the list is JoAnn's fresh (not fried) spring rolls. The carrots have to marinate first. And I've got to cook the shrimp. I think sometime this week I also want to make chili the way Alisha made it when we were camping (hint hint, I'll have to get that recipe from her). I still like to make funky new recipes but I'm finding that I really have to tone it down and make some more down-to-earth, simple, easy recipes that I can make after I'm done work, otherwise I end up eating Subway every night. And with the weather changing, I should probably use the slow cooker more.

ooohhh, my feet are warming up.

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