Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A day off

... means lots of work.
I'm hosting a shower at mom and dad's today for Larissa and James' baby. The kid will be born in a week (!!!) so we're having a last minute shower. Judging by what was left on the registry she's really going to need it too. I won't write exactly what's going on just in case I ruin it for those coming tonight yet but we have to clean the house, go grocery shopping, assemble snacks and game (hee hee hee) and they look our best yet for tonight. Oh ya, and we have to eat supper yet too.
I went home and saw my family this weekend. We had our mothers day celebration a little late. It was fun seeing almost everyone again and just hanging out (although it wasn't really a long weekend). Baby Grace was still just as cute but I can see so many changes in her already. I love the fat cheeks... they make her look grumpy but I think that's cute. Her bottom lip can actually stick out farther than her nose. And when she cries, there's actually a stream of real tears coming down her face. Oh it's so heartbreaking... but really she's just being pushy cuz she wants her food NOW! A girl just like the rest of her family. I'm not a baby any more so I can't out right cry when I'm hungry but I sure get grumpy and mean. It's a family curse.. what can I say.
I hope the weather turns nicer for tonight. We were really hoping to sit outside. Oh well, I don't mind bumping shoulders. We'll just all have to move about in different rooms.
I'll try to take pictures of the shower for you all.

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