Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Feeling a little bit guilty about the amount of time I'm surfing on the internet today, I'm inspired to think about how one site leads to another, leads to another, leads to another.... and the list goes on. Surfing the internet is like conversing with a person. I find if I don't speak with a friend for a long time, I find I don't know what to talk about. And then you see those couples that have been together forEVER and they seem to have so much to talk about still. The same goes for the internet with me. When I haven't been on in a while, I don't really have much to browse through. The more I'm on, though, the more I get sucked in a find more. So here's how my surfing went today:
- check my gmail
- check my facebook. Facebook goes waaaay to slow here so I moved on...
- oh ya, I got a lead at work here about a Farm Training place that looked interesting called Everdale It is a super neat place that I want to keep tucked in my memory for future reference. - Well, they have a video on youtube. Well, actually it's a collection of videos. They were neat to watch. The last one was neat too and it looks like the maker of it has her own website.
- Meghan Telpner is a nutritionist. I love nutrition. mmmm food. Her website was interesting (even though in an inteview she said something about not wanting to become a Birk-wearing hippie) and had a lot of other links on her blog, Making Love in the Kitchen, to websites that I wanted to check out but, since a client walked it I haven't followed up on those links but possibly in the future I'll go back and check them out (lunapads, redtentsisters, all from an interesting post that I think Sarah would like.... like in 5 minutes.
- But back to Everdale because another client walked in and I paniced a little because I had "Save the Vag" written on my screen and needed to shut that down fast. I just barely got into all the resources available on Everdale when I saw a link that I've been interested in:
- Harvest Homes is a straw-bale home builder. I don't know much about straw bale homes but the idea really attracts me. I would LOVE to live in a straw bale home. They look interesting and different. Of course every window sill would be wide edged so there's lots of room for plants etc. The insulation factor is a HUGE draw and I love the idea of not needing an A/C. I know Dan would still want one but it wouldn't be needed. Plus the lack of chemicals is a new factor that the website offers. And they also mentioned something about how it is building that is easy for the builders and family and friends to become involved in. I love that. I think that a group of interested family and friends should all get together and we should go on a road trip/tour of interesting workshops like a straw-building workshop.
- And then, I noticed the time and that the end of the month is coming up so I really should NOT be bored at work because an intense month-end report is due by Friday. They want all my statistics and a narrative summary of what I have been doing for the month. eek. Do you think I should add the list of websites on the browser History?

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