Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I'm waiting for my rental car. I told them to come early so I had plenty of time to get to work. Good thing too since no one showed up. I finally called another location who is now sending the guy down to pick me up. I called work and said I might be late so all will be okay... i just hope I get an upgrade or discount or something for all of this, right? Am I cheap or deserving?
After work I come back here, switch cars with Dan and take Chloe to Hilo to hopefully breed her. I counted the days out and I think it's the right time but we'll have to see. I'm staying there all weekend so we can keep trying the breeding thing to make sure that she's good and ... bred (?). In between all of that I'm working a couple shifts at the kids camp and working my main job. That's a lot of working and running around. I'll be returning to hilo at nights driving all over creation for my jobs and then finally, on Sunday, coming back here. Home. Kinda. I still have lots to unpack and settle. Still no art on the walls.

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