Thursday, 14 February 2013

Well, I can tell we're well on our way through winter.... I'm starting to look up agrarian things online. I've already started a seed catalogue list (even though I probably won't order them) and I've been dreaming about the size and shape of my garden for a while now.
So today, I've been looking for a really good inspiring blog about gardening, goats, chickens and the rest. My goodness is there ever a lot out there. There are some pretty crazy hard core agrarians out there too. I found this one blog with a list of other blogs and they are all hard core Christian agrarians. For some reason, it all really does not sit with me. The ladies are all talking about how they strive to be the woman of Proverbs 31 and the men all talk about taking their boys out and teaching them how to be men... good providing, shooting and butchering type men! I can't really put my finger on what bothers me. I like providing and shooting men. I love Proverbs 31.
I've been reading this one blog (it has a soundtrack!! I had to pause my concert of Daniel Lanois to read it) is about a family who moves out to Texas where they will be living off the grid. It's so bizarre to read and hard to stop reading. She looks like a mennonite with her hair pulled back under a hankerchief and always wearing an apron. There's lots of butchering and canning pictures yet the blog posts are daily. It's very strange and interesting to know that this is happening right now... somewhere in Texas. Here's a clip from one post of her describing why her husband is doing this: " ... the Lord has commanded him to lead his family out of this "ungodly world society" and separate. He is being obedient to the Lord and seeking His will in guiding this family and in his duties as a husband." .... I just don't know what to think.

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