Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fun in the Kitchen!!

How's that for a cheese picture!!!

Even though I've been camping for the majority of the last week, I've been having some pretty fun, inspiring times in the kitchen.
Last week Wed. I went shopping with Caleb (with a pre-warning that I would be spending lots of time browsing) and came home with lots inspiring ingredients. Some were to snack on while I was cooking, others were to add to some great meal ideas. I bought a triple cream soft cheese with a rind... kinda like a Brie but I don't think it was brie. Really, all I was looking at was the triple cream. I also bought a small roll of goats cheese for some future recipe. My plan for the evening was to make calzones... "Jamie at Home" style. That means with his "best pizza dough ever" recipe and his "quick and easy tomato sauce" recipe and then there's still the inside. After putting together the dough to rise, I made the tomato sauce. It definately was an easy recipe but since I used my own canned tomatoes from last year (!! impressive, eh?) they were really juicy and needed to cook down for a long time. The guts of the calzone was a cooked down, mash of mushrooms (a pound of torn up mixed up mushrooms!!), spinach, 3 cloves (!!) of garlic and the final outcome of my tomato sauce. Oh, and top it all off with fresh (not homemade :( ) mozzerella, torn to pieces on top. OH YUM! Now this sounds like a lot of work but it really was so much fun for me. Having one pot of sauce bubbling away in one corner and a bowl rising of dough in the other plus a glass of wine and some cheese... well, i don't know who wouldn't like that.
Saturday night I got hit wth the urge again and found a recipe for vidalia onions. I read somewhere that they are super super good onions and are only good at this time of year so I had to try them out. Once again it was a pizza recipe. I really have to get away from these pizza recipes. Another dough recipe, topped off with my leftover tomato sauce. Slice some tomatoes on top, sprinkle with mozzerella cheese and then top it all off with sauteed (lightly) vidallia onions. Yum again. Not really my favorite but it did show off the onions nicely. James couldn't understand where the meat was, Larissa thought it gave her the shits but everyone else thought it was great. Really, I don't think mom and dad would complain about anything I'm making them since mom is getting a bit of a break in the kitchen and I am actually having fun at it.
Tonight, there was NO urge to play in the kitchen so I cracked open a few cans of pork and beans to go along with mom's iceburg lettuce salad. Oh well, I'm still in camping mood, right?
Next I want to try something with chick peas. Dad says he doesn't like them but I think he hasn't tried them fried up with lots of garlic and curry powder and salt. oh yum.

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