Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The black sheep Inn, part 2

So we get to Wakefield, leave our stuff in our rooms and walk the strip. It was cold. Well, it wasn't that cold but it was colder than here so Dan and I hadn't brought our coats. We walked through a few unfriendly shops, didn't buy anything and settled on a place to eat. We went for Thai food. Our choices were a pizza place, a pricey bistro that served game food (interesting), or the Thai place. Even if there were more choices we still would have gone for the Thai and my GOODNESS!!!! it was sooooo good. It was a really small restaurant where the kitchen was seperated from the dining room only by a small counter so we could easily watch the chef mixing and frying etc. It was such a good dinner. Everyone really enjoyed it. Since we were told to get to the "sheep" early if we wanted seats Dan and Mike decided to wait in the line while Meg and I ran back to the b&b for the tickets. While we were there I started dawdling and taking my time since the show didn't start for a while. As we started walking back Dan and Mike came huffing back all hot and bothered.... the doors had opened, the swarms had entered and now all the seats were taken. Ooops. I felt really bad. So we found some stools against the far wall in front of the sound guy and hung out there for a while. We were wondering how the "sheep" started and got so legendary so I turned around to ask the sound guy what he knew about it. It turns out that he was the part owner. Wow... what a life. He has met so many amazing musicians. He ended up telling us the whole story of how the "sheep" started. It was something to do with a lottery ticket win but I think I'll make you guys go out there to get the story yourselves. So it turned out to be a good thing that we came late. We never would've met Paul and gotten the scoop on the place.
After the show we pretty much just went to our rooms to crash. In the morning we slowly woke up and got ready for the day. We had a great breakfast downstairs from our host and then hit the road again. We stopped in Ottawa to check out the Byward Market which made me feel like I was at the Forks in Winnipeg. I love markets like that. Sarah would've had a hayday with the tables outside laden with jewelry and scarves. It was very hippie-granola (as Mike called it) but St. Jacobs would probably be just as good (I think... I haven't been there a while). The rest of the drive back was ...... ll ooo nnnngggggggg. But not terrible. We dropped Mike and Meg off around 6:00 (i think?) and were home about half an hour later. I sure slept well that night.... and I had Sunday off.
And here I am in the middle of the next week and almost at the end of March. Wow, time really is flying by. I'm super glad we went on this road trip. We all agreed we need to go again but for a longer weekend.

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