Sunday, 20 January 2013

So it's Sunday

And that means there's the chance of Sunday Evening Blues. And of course I've got a good case of it right now. I don't know what is so bad about tomorrow being Monday but I just don't feel like starting another week yet.
So, here comes the comfort food. Remember, my house right now is filled with the most cancer-causing, fat-building, terrible yummy foods. Anything from gummy bears and pop products to kraft cheese slices and street-meat hotdogs (thanks to Dan's end-of-the-year "bonus"). But I feel like eating..... POTATOES! I first cut up a leek (from the community garden I helped with this week), sliced up a potato, and minced half a garlic clove. I slowly fried them up in olive oil with some salt until everything was golden yummy. It was delicious. I'm pairing it with the remains of Friday nights bottle of white, sans wine glass, and am following up with a package of M&M's.
As good as this food was, I still don't feel like starting another week.

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