Thursday, 24 January 2013


Today is my day off and I wasted it! I can't believe how late I slept. And I even went to bed early the night before so there was no need for it. I haven't done a thing around the house and only went out because Chloe needed to go for a walk. What would I do without the dog? I did end up visiting at my book shop and getting some groceries but it is now 3:00!!! yikes!!! and I still haven't done a thing. I need to unpack groceries, find some way of making pork tenderloin with apple butter and sweet potatoes, and then hopefully clean the bathroom yet today.
I guess I'm just making up for my very productive day yesterday. I don't even have a book I can waste my time with. I think this is all because I'm just waiting around for this weekend.... it looks very fun and promising... I can't wait!
What a random post.

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