Saturday, 5 January 2013

I definately didn't want to write this post

Last week Friday morning I miscarried. It was a very traumatic and sad. Dan was the best husband in the world. I've got great friends and family around me and (because Dan has rightfully insisted) I have taken the week off to recuperate (whatever that means).
Most of you know that Dan and I did not try at ALL to keep the pregnancy a secret. Before we got pregnant we had breifly discussed the issue of to tell vs. not to tell. We both wanted to tell. And when the tests came back positive there was no holding us back anyways. I rarely hold back what I'm feeling and need to talk to others when something is on my mind. And how would I be able to make it a whole THREE months without talking to people about it?! Another reason, we figured if we did miscarry, we would once again want to talk to others about it. The third reason is purely out of practicality. After the second time of turning down a drink everyone would know anyways.
And now that we miscarried do I regret telling people? Not at all. People have been so supportive. Mom has spent lots of time with me and on the phone. Both friends and family have been there to do whatever I have needed them to do/not do. Cass sent me beautiful flowers and family friends have called. I'm not reluctant to talk about it and, in fact, if people ask will explain what we went through just to help avoid the shock and trauma that scared me half to death.
So, we had 12 weeks of looking forward to this baby. I'm happy that I had that time and I'm grateful that we could share with everyone and enjoy the pregnancy as long as we did. Thank you everyone. Thanks for the prayers and support.

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